't Recupke is an enterprise located in Kortrijk which, for many years, has been specialising in the qualitative   collection of scrap metal. 



Providing the best service, day after day

As a collector, 't Recupke knows that a supplier is not just a number  . That is why we work on delivering high-end services, day after day. This cannot just be noticed in small, important aspects, such as an unrivalled kindness towards our customers and suppliers.

At ''t Recupke, the day price of the metal waste is followed closely on a daily basis and adjusted on a weekly basis in our system. In this way, you are at every moment, sure to obtain a correct price for your metal waste. In addition, we also make sure to adopt a correct payment policy. For private customers, this means that you immediately receive the correct amount cash at delivery.

As more and more strict norms and regulations are imposed on the scrap world, we also follow these as an eco-friendly team.
You can deposit your metal waste yourself on our site.
This is possible during the opening hours, with the specific aim to help our private customers and self-employed customers.